I lived with a yoga teacher for 4 years and never learned any of what Megan taught me.  In fact, even that teacher did not know what Megan teaches which involved many new techniques and really different yoga philosophy. Her insight changed my yoga practice in a profound way. I highly recommend a private class from her.

Megan’s techniques gave me the experience of breathing with my whole body, to feel wideness and less heaviness in my back and shoulders, to stop fighting with my own muscles! Since my stay in Breath of Heaven, I practice yoga in my own garden every second day, loving the knowledge Megan shared with me, loving the free feeling in my whole body!

What I really miss, is the outstanding cooking from Megan, the smoothies of sun-ripened fruits every morning, the view to the ocean from the lovely place, the completely quiet nights with the amazing sky of stars, sitting on the patio chair and listening to the wind in the bamboo……it  really was a “Breath of Heaven!”

Big Hugh,

Regina Strohriegl ~ Austria

My experience at Breath of Heaven simply put was freeing. Being completely surrounded by nature has a way of returning us to our original nature. The ocean is in site, trails lead up the mountain through lovely forests and crystal waters, and fresh fruits surround you. I hope to continually return to this spot of heaven the rest of my life. 

Molly Schmidt ~ Kansas City

So aptly named, Breath of Heaven is a world apart from the hustle of modern life. The endless ocean and mountain vistas, natural beauty, nurturing organic food, good company and simple lifestyle make for a rejuvenating and uplifting experience for all.

Michael Gornik ~ Big Island, HI ~ Polestar Gardens, Director

Breath of Heaven changed and saved my life. I first visited in 2018 and discovered a place of rest, healing, and peace. I felt so connected to nature and all of life. Megan helped me to see myself as a strong woman, capable of anything I set my mind to. In 2019, I returned and moved here to dedicate myself to the aina (land) and help others.

Annie Macpherson ~ Maui, HI

You feel its name as soon as you enter its sacred grove. From the moment I breathed this healing air, I felt at home. The land is imbued with Divine love, worked with tireless devotion, respected with the utmost tenderness and care, and offered to those who can do the same.

I was treated like a humble king, bestowed with all the tropical fruit my heart could ever desire, opened up to sacred rivers that cooled my soul, and bathed in the silence of God after a long day.

The staff is mighty and reverent, attentive and kind, a team of visionary ladies who share a love for land and spirit working through them in all they do.

If you’re going to Maui and you want to be in a place that truly captures its heart, you cannot miss a stay at Breath of Heaven.

Adam Tutor ~ San Antonio, TX

Breath of Heavens is a place where you you can enjoy peaceful landscapes, relax, and get away from day to day work. It was sweet to be out in nature with the trees, animals, and chickens. It’s a place where you learn about farming. I was able to go and stay on this land, [and] it taught me a lot about myself.

Lauren Jeffers ~ Encinitas, CA

At Breath of Heaven, it is easy to become ecstatically overwhelmed by the vast potential the sacred land has to help usher in a higher way of living. It is perhaps one of the best kept secrets on our path that the opportunity exists today to be part of its unfoldment, and in doing so, to experience the love of Divine Mother in one of her most elusive forms—to be nourished and nurtured from the bounty of her earthly creation. Eat of the sun-drenched food of the trees. Bathe from the rain and naturally alkaline river. Live from the light. Meditate amid the thundering silence and undeniable presence of great souls. Go to Breath of Heaven as soon as you can, and experience a taste of the Astrals while serving the development of a divine vision in the making!

Clark Nesselrodt ~ Pasadena, CA

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