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All donations are greatly appreciated and accepted with love and gratitude. Mahalo!

Get Involved

We are currently seeking the following assistance:

In order to accommodate more people, we need to expand the most necessary components of our project – labor, additional water storage, replacement Polaris batteries, additional solar battery storage, and road improvements.

  • Farm workers, volunteers, and interns who commit to 3-months minimum to the project. *See internship page.
  • Water tank: At a minimum, we need to install an additional 10,000-gallon water tank. We already have the pieces for the tank, but need the labor, groundwork, covers, and plumbing.
  • Replacement batteries for our other Polaris electric vehicle. One of our necessary electric farm vehicles is in need of a lithium battery upgrade. As an exciting development, we are offering farm tours to help visitors learn about sustainable living practices. This opportunity helps us generate income, increased awareness, and provide a joyful, adventurous, and educational tour of our property and solar power plant. These tours are only possible with your help.
  • Second Solar Power Plant – 3 Tesla Power Walls, 2 inverters, and 40 solar panels for the much-needed 2nd solar system. We will have a far greater electric demand with guests and residents and adequately charge our vehicles.
  •  One of our bigger needs is to improve the .71-mile dirt access road with C-4 gravel. In addition, we have a seasonal runoff that crosses the road, which will require about a 9-foot culvert to make it safe to cross during rains. We also need to gravel around work areas since the duality of our amazing 7 feet of topsoil is incredibly deep mud when it rains.
  • We are planning on developing an existing reservoir, on our property, into a fish pond for growing and harvesting fish to feed our animals and to sell to fund our projects. We need materials and funding for this project.

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