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Sustainable Farm Tours

We offer private tours and are the only farm tour located on the Eastern coastline of Maui. Learn how to live off solar-generated power, provide your own water, growing your own food, and recycling your waste. All proceeds go towards our sustainable living education non-profit – Breath of Heaven.

Our location is inaccessible to the public. It is a protected, secluded area that you won’t see in any tourist spot. While here, we kindly ask that you be respectful of this special land and all plants, animals, and creatures that live here.

Experience Sustainable Living First-Hand

  • Ride in an electric solar-powered Polaris non-exhaust 4-wheel-drive vehicle through 34 acres of macadamia nut groves and exotic tropical fruit trees.
  • Learn first-hand how to live off-the-grid sustainably.
  • Take a tour of our solar power plant.
    Nani Polaris
  • Tour the organic veggie and herb garden.
  • Optional meditation in our temple of all religions.
  • Harvest and taste fresh, organic method macadamia nuts.
  • Breathe oxygen-rich air from hundreds of thousands of surrounding trees.
  • Hand-feed our friendly, spoiled free-range chickens.
dog team

*Note – We have a security team of 3 all-shelter-rescued K-9s. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies to dogs, chickens, bees, etc.

A Taste of the Farm

As part of your tour, we provide a taste of our drinking water, fruit, and nuts. Here is a sneak peek at Breath of Heaven’s abundance:

  • Naturally alkaline and pure water from our well
  • Pick and taste fruit fresh off the tree
  • 20161203_163936
    Organic smoothie with our farm-grown (*seasonal) fruit including a combination of your choice of:
    • apple bananas
    • papaya
    • guava
    • passion fruit
    • sour sap
    • java plum
    • blackberries
    • dragon fruit
    • other wild fruit
  • Shots of our turmeric, ginger, lime tonic to get your engines rolling
  • Macadamia nut tasting

Tour Prices: $125/ person (Adults ages 18 and up)

Tour length 1.5-2 hours

*Note: All guests must sign a release of liability. Please come with closed-toed shoes for the walking portion and bring a hat.

Booking a Tour

Best times for tours are Monday-Saturday between 10-3pm.

Please allow 24hrs notice for confirmation and scheduling.

We may have to reschedule due to weather and road conditions.

To make reservations, please contact Annie Macpherson at

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