Founder’s Letter

Letter from the Founder, Megan Wells


After years of donating my time to fight for the environment, I realized that fighting was not the answer. Replacing what does not work with what is superior is far more efficient; like turning on a light in a dark room rather than trying to fight the darkness. That realization prompted me to want to live more aligned with what I held in the highest regard. I always complained that someone should fix the “exploit instead of stewarding the earth” mentality.  To that end, I decided to try to at least become one less problem to the best of my ability. I was living a highly complex life at the expense of all the rest of life on earth. Deep down, I was troubled.

Every time I drove to the store I felt the sting that comes from not living my truth and walking my own talk even though I was driving the first year they made a Prius. I said I love nature, but was I willing to sacrifice for Her? Was I willing to sacrifice being at the top of the food chain to willingly drop down to only being one part of it? Could I surrender to nature having a say in how I live my life day today? Many talk about the environment but how many are willing to live a simpler life that honors the rest of creation? How many will sacrifice their creature comforts and conveniences even slightly so that the other creatures can have even the basic comfort of just surviving on this planet?

I could no longer live the American Dream of dominating the rest of nature so I could have more than what I actually needed to live. I was spoiled with comforts like everyone else I knew, but I began to see them as a punishing reminder of the lie I was living. I needed to change my life to at least try to live what I preached. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you and to expand the definition of “others” to include the rest of the species we are supposed to SHARE this earth with.

Who says we humans should have more rights? Only we humans declared this, so where is the authority? Might is right? Because we can be the bully we have the say? No… and time is showing that we cannot hurt the others without hurting ourselves and this also includes the rest of the species trying to live on this planet. I realized that the only thing that makes us different than the rest of the species, is our purpose to take care of the welfare of all the rest. That is our role and why we have been created with unsurpassable abilities. We were created to steward.

After these realizations, I stepped out and voluntarily gave up my comfort and what I then perceived as some kind of safety living a “normal” life. I repeatedly had to force myself to see that stability of living off-the-grid is real and the stability of living dependent on others to provide everything is precarious. We have been lulled into a dream-like state that because we do not know where our power, water, or food is coming from all is secure. It is only other Imperfect humans that guarantee we will have these things we take for granted; like power and water. We believe we can use these resources as much as we want with no consequences, but we are actually living way out on the end of a limb that is rapidly approaching the breaking point. The choice will be to fall when it breaks or begin the climb back to a saner place but that requires simplifying and eliminating all the superfluous I wants we have grown to believe we need.

My own stubborn deeply engrained wasteful habits when it comes to power and water use have been difficult to retrain. There was a tremendous fight within me to surrender my complete dominance over nature and accept that there are things I just can’t do if I want to adapt to Her and co-operate. The lessons and observations of living more sustainably have been life-altering. I have a passion to pass on what this experiment in conscious living has taught me. Hopefully, I can save those who come after me from the pitfalls and landmines I needed to step on since I needed to cut through the wilderness of this way of living as a trailblazer, at least in my own life.

In Gratitude for the mercy of the natural world,

Megan J Wells

Books by the Founder

Megan Wells’s books are now available with all proceeds going toward development of the Farm. The health book originally entitled Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream, was refined and republished as You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen. This simple book is for living a healthy lifestyle combined with 50 years of studying natural hygiene, fasting, diet, and detox.

Please visit or buy these on Amazon in either print or e-books. We appreciate the help with building Maui’s Sustainable Living Center.

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