Current Status

We have two fully remodeled 700+ sq foot construction trailers that currently serve as our base on the land. The lower farm center now has its own water tank, solar hot water system, back up propane hot water, outside shower, screened kitchen and hopefully soon to have its own solar power (currently it is powered by the upper solar system).

We have four 200 sq. foot tentalows with deck floors for our or residents and guests.

Planted Fruit Trees Now Include

Apple bananas, Ice cream bananas, Williams bananas, cooking bananas, Heritage and strawberry (certified) Non-GMO papayas, Guava. Purple and yellow Passion fruit, Dragon Fruit, Meyers Lemons, Tahitian Limes, Soursaps, Cherimoyas, Blood orange, Tangelo, Star fruit, Lychee. Figs, Coconuts, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Elderberries, Surinam Cherries, Acerola Cherry. White sapote, Loquat, Haas and local avocados. We are fortunate that the majority of the property is covered with mature 25 yr. old organic macadamia nut trees (approx. 2,000 trees). ​
Additional trees planted in 2016 include 40 new varieties including: cloves, Malabar chestnut, Navel & Valencia oranges, pink Eureka lemon, Clementine and Honey Tangerine, more Tahitian limes and Meyer Lemons, Flame & Star Ruby grapefruit, 7 varieties of avocados, Biew Kiew and Sri Chompoo Longan, 3 kinds of Lychee, Haitian Star apple, Cacao, Jaboticaba, and 2 kinds of Breadfruit

Since 2016 additional trees include an Atemoya, Carrob, Neem, Mountain Apple, Soursop, noni, and madjool date.

Herbs and Medicinals

Tulsi or Holy basil (Krishna variety), culinary basil, gotu kola, geranium, rosemary, oregano, turmeric, horse radish, mint, lemongrass, asparagus, pineapple, lilikoi, blackberry, white strawberry, Hawaiian pepper, vegetable garden

Landscape Plants Include

Jacaranda Tree, Mock Orange hedge, Travelers Palms, Plumeria, Hibiscus, Butterfly plants, Coleus, Orchids, Jade vine, Torch ginger, cotton, cardboard plant, Queen Palm, Pigmey Palm, Giant black bamboo, Vittata or Painted bamboo (verigated bamboo), schefflera amate (umbrella tree), croton, red ti leaf plant, Boston fern, and heliconia.

 Land Improvements Completed!

  • 15,000 gallon irrigation/fire prevention open water tank
  • 1,500 gallon potable water closed tank
  • Solar panels and 3 power wall Tesla batteries that make up a 7,000 KW electric power plant with solar shed to house the electrical inverters and components
  • Large 25,000-watt diesel generator as back up to our solar for pumping the well
  • Outhouse near the veggie garden area for farmworkers
  • Drinking water: We pump directly into 2.5-5 gallon drinking water bottles. Our fresh alive and naturally alkaline drinking water is so pure it is almost like drinking vital air.
  • 2 solar ovens for outside cooking (the normal way we roast nuts, cook grains, potatoes, beans, pies, pizzas etc)
  • 2 Laundry rooms with water-saving washer, gas dryer, laundry sink and an outside clothesline
  • Lithium batteries for one of our Polaris electric vehicles
  • Fencing and a gate at our entrance has been installed and planted with cardboard plant
  • 2 Outdoor showers with hot and cold water
  • Meditation temple with outside deck overlooking the veggie garden and view of Mount Haleakala

​Farm Area Improvements Completed!

  • Hydroponic system for growing watercress with fish and circulating pump
  • Chicken house with 7 black Australorp hens
  • 2 Matson storage containers for putting the next set of solar panels on the roof
  • New 10×20 ft screen house with wooden boxes for growing those things that every bug in Hawaii wants to also eat
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