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Breath of Heaven Sustainable Living Center is a completely off-the-grid and self-sustainable project.

The project is situated on 34 acres of mature macadamia nut groves in Waihe’e, Maui, Hawaii. It is located on the mountain (at 400 feet elevation) overlooking the ocean nestled in surrounding acres of macadamia nut groves. It is the best farming area in the state because of the rare balance of weather (not too hot, and not too wet or dry), and the deep, rich 7 feet of topsoil.

It is no surprise that this was previously the land reserved Hawaiian royal family when the king divided up Maui. We have experienced the healing power of this area first hand with many our fruit trees producing abundantly in just their first year.  We are in one of the most pristine and quiet areas on Maui even though we are only about 10 minutes from Maui’s major shopping. Above us is the largest forest preserve in the state of Hawaii.

We are working towards being fully established as a sustainable living center, to be an example and to be able to educate all those who come here to learn how to live in harmony with Nature.

Why is Breath of Heaven Special?

West Maui Mountains ~ Our Backyard

Superior Location

Breath of Heaven is located in a rare and very protected area on the island of Maui. Sandwiched between almost a thousand acres to the north, 500 acres to the south, 113 acres below and the largest forest preserve in the state of Hawaii above makes it uniquely sheltered from the woes of civilization. A completely off-the-grid experience gives you a taste of disconnecting from the hustle of the world and feel the simple stillness one can only have in undisturbed nature. It is almost a mile in on a private dirt road, so it is peaceful and quiet. There are no city or residential developments visible from the land; all you experience is pristine nature. Other than monthly mowers maintaining the macadamia nut groves, the only sounds are the ocean, birds, bees and occasional dogs barking that someone is arriving.

7 Plumeria

More Privacy

Breath of Heaven is uncrowded and spacious; on the 34-acre property.  The only others on the property are the residents, animals, and occasional maintenance persons.

A boost for your immune system with some of the cleanest Food, Water, and Air in the world

Unlike most places on Maui, Breath of Heaven has its own pure water from a well, rain catchment and river water.  Our pure naturally alkaline drinking water comes directly from the well into our bottles and meets international bottling standards right out of the ground. We are located on one of only two east-facing shorelines on Maui, which means our pristine vital trade winds blow straight off 3,000 miles of open ocean not to mention spectacular sunrises.  Note *The only other eastern shoreline is past Hana almost 60 miles away in Kipahulu.

The Best Maui Weather- Sunny with a cool ocean breeze

This area of Maui was reserved by the King of Maui when he divided up the land for his subjects to have ownership because out of the entire island; it was considered the most precious. The Hawaiian king knew it was best for growing food due to its rich deep topsoil and had amazing groundwater. Water was considered wealth to the Hawaiians. There are four rivers on this coastline: Waihee stream, Waiehu stream, Iao stream, and Waikapu. A canal of diverted Waihee river water runs through the property all year round.

2011-05-29_rough beginning

We started with having to machete a path into the 10 feet tall cane grass that had overtaken the abandoned macadamia nut groves. The first attempts at developing this vision were just tents and water buckets for getting water from the diverted stream water that runs through the center of the property.


Now with large 40-panel solar power plant and our own well water, we are well on our way.  We have planted over 180 fruit trees and working on a large vegetable and herb garden.

We have 3 large security dogs, Hanuman, Ram & Nani, who respect and protect our residents and as well as the chickens.


The plan is to continue filling in areas of our macadamia nut grove that are missing trees with more and more variety of fruit and nut trees. We even have an organic cotton tree which is quite interesting.

We have two 700+ sq foot construction trailers that currently serve as our base on the land. The lower farm center now has its own water tank, solar hot water system, back up propane hot water, and outside shower and screened kitchen and soon its own solar power (currently it is powered by the upper solar system).


We have four 200 sq. foot tentalows with deck floors for our staff and guests. Breath of Heaven was previously a hosting farm with the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) educational program, for over seven years.

How you can help…

Since our founding in December 2012, we have relied almost exclusively on the generosity of individual sponsors and donors and the investment of our founder. Our goal is to live by this Hawaiian principle:

He Ali’i Ka ‘Āina; He Kauwā ke Kanaka ~ The Land is Chief; Man is its Servant

We wish to be the best konohiki, specialized stewards and servants of the land, that we can be. To act in conscious awareness that the Āina (land) we are on is alive and aware. Our chief will direct and guide us to the highest purpose and use of this sacred place. Part of the vision our Āina has shared involves the following:

  1. Sustainable Living Educational Center and Village
  2. Silent Retreat Center with meditation gardens
  3. Cultivating and nurturing a thriving and abundant food producing orchard/farm/nursery
  4. Wisdom Village – Elders would be mentors at the Educational Center
  5. Holistic Health Center

We recognize that the strength of a nonprofit requires diversified funding streams, and we are actively working on improvements in this area. Most notably, we are beginning to offer internships and apprenticeships on sustainable living.

We are currently seeking donations and appreciate any assistance you can provide.  Visit our Get Involved page for more information on how you can help.

About Us

Megan Wells

Founder of Breath of Heaven Sustainable Living Center. She is an Author, Health Consultant, Healer of Consciousness, Yoga Instructor, Realtor, Vegan Chef and Environmental Activist.

Aloha Annie

Annie Macpherson

Annie originally from San Diego, California. She is a Teaching Artist and Author. She assists in farm operations, marketing, food preparation, and keeps plants and animals happy. Annie joined Breath of Heaven in January 2019. She enjoys learning about Hawaiian culture and language. Her goal is to bridge science and spirituality by working and living in harmony with nature and teaching others how to do the same.

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