Off-the-Grid, Off the Charts

Breath of Heaven

Sustainable Living Center

Mission Statement

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Others” now includes the rest of the species.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable, educational living center to demonstrate sustainable living principles in harmony with nature. Growing our own organic food, using sustainable building methods for creating efficient structures, creating our own alternative power, providing our own water, and recycling our own waste to the greatest extent possible.

Our philosophy is to take our rightful place in the order of creation; transitioning from an unconscious position of dominating and exploiting to cherishing and stewarding. We can’t keep throwing it away, there is no “away”.

To practice mindfulness in our use of all resources, being aware of how our use impacts the rest of life on earth. Walking our talk.

To be willing to sacrifice unnecessary conveniences so the rest of creation can better survive. Voluntarily embracing plain living and high thinking. Weaning ourselves from our extravagances that have caused much devastation to our planet.